Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Will My Vehicle Transportation Take?
Your vehicle shipping time will depend on the weather, road conditions and traffic. But we provide effective and efficient services to our client. If you want to know the actual time it will take for transporting your vehicle, kindly contact us. All shipping times are estimated.
Is LugNow Licensed And Insured?
We all understand that insurance protects you from emergencies, especially when an accident occurs. The same methods apply to your car. The carrier’s insurance covers at least $100,000. Belongings left at vehicle are not insured.

Our auto transporting company has an insurance policy to help you in case your car gets damaged during the trip. We are also a licensed company which means we’re legitimate.
Is My Presence Required When My Automobile Is Picked Up?
Yes. This is very important because you’ll need to sign the bill of lading. It can be you or someone that you trust to help you and the person must be present during the pickup of your automobile. Carrier will walk you through the inspection process before taking your automobile and will review it with you. Carrier will also do a review and inspection when the vehicle is transported to the new destination.
What Type Of Truck Will Be Used To Ship My Vehicle?
You can choose between open and enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailer is also the type of vehicles that is used to deliver new cars from manufacturer to your local dealerships. Although, an extra charge is applicable for enclosed carriers.
What Type Of Paperwork Do I Need To Ship My Vehicle?
All you need for your shipment is a signature and walk around with our driver at pick up. This method will allow you and our driver to check for any damage that may exist at pick up.
What Will Happen If My Vehicle Arrives With Damage?
If you noticed that your vehicle arrive and it has some damaged part, make sure that the damage was not on the original bill of lading. Then inform carrier about the damaged parts, this will help the driver to sign an attest to the damage. The damage must be noted and marked. You can then contact our company request trucker certificate of insurance. And you will file a claim.
What If I Have A Non-Operational Vehicle?
It will attract an extra fee for transporting a non-operational vehicle because of the additional labor and equipment involves in transporting it. Kindly note that if the car is in good condition, small fees will apply.
Will I Be Charged By Size Of My Vehicle?
Yes, larger cars such as SUV's and trucks will cost more money than a standard size car because it will take more room and weighs more on a trailer.
Can I Put Personal Items In The Vehicle?
No! You cannot put any personal item in your vehicle during transportation. Personal items are not the responsibility of the carrier.
Can I cancel my order and get refund?
Every cancelation needs to be submitted in writing to per our Cancelation Policy.
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