Top 5 Questions to Ask to Your Auto Transport Company


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The need of an auto transport industry cannot be overemphasized. There are plenty of auto shipping companies in each state, and everyone knows what such firms tend to offer. You can get help from an auto transporter for shifting your vehicle to enjoy services anytime and anywhere. Thus, it is essential that you ask these basic questions prior to signing up with an auto transportation company.

   1. What is your experience?

Given that the process involves your precious vehicle, you would only like to recruit a reliable company having some years of experience in this domain. The company should have accurate knowledge of how to perform the transfer with least amount of hassles for you, the vehicle owner.

2. How long will you take to handle the transportation process?

There are no definite responses to such questions. The auto transportation process can be quite difficult in some places. However, there are plenty of factors that are not under the control of the auto transportation agency and the carrier. Your shipper can, at best, offer you an estimated date. But you may have your vehicle delivered more punctually when you pay some additional charges.

3. Can you deliver your vehicle to your address?

These days, auto transporter agencies offer two varied services. When it comes to door-to-door services, transporters pick up vehicles from your house and then offer it to your address. For terminal-to-terminal services, you are expected to drive your vehicle to a specific location and have it delivered to a particular spot by the transporter in the city of your preference. The first option is obviously worthier than the other one. You need to ask this to your auto transporter beforehand.

4. What is Bill of Lading?

This is a document that you, the car owner, need to fill out prior to handing the car over to the auto shipping agency. The form has a number of fields where you have to type in any existing flaw in your vehicle – whether it comes to missing accessories, damaged components or scratches. With this step, you can be assured of seamless transportation. As an owner, you can be protected from damages.

5. Do you have any specific restrictions?

With big transporters, you can get transfer of all kinds of vehicles – whether it comes to trucks, RVs, motorcycles or small cars. Check whether your transporter has any height or weight restrictions regarding the vehicles transferred.

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