How to Choose a Good Auto Transport Company?


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It can be tedious to transport a car from one spot to another. Auto transportation agencies offer various services, and how you use them is based on how urgently you need the shipping / transportation services. This is also based on the budget that you have or how much you wish to pay for shifting your vehicle. As a customer who needs to have his vehicle transported, there are quite a few important factors to check before you sign up with an agency. Here are some useful ways on how to pick a good auto transportation agency.

Look for US Car Shipping License

Every car transport company has to sign up with a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration license, prior to being permitted to transport cars. Ensure that you ask for proof from the auto shipping agency about whether it carries a FMCSA. A licensed company can be expected to work better, as it has to abide by the laws of the state and is under regulations.

Find out whether it offers premium services

Premium services comprise of nationwide, door-to-door, enclosed transport or open transport services. These can also comprise of non-standard / oversized vehicles transportation, motorcycle transportation or multiple car transportation. Top auto transport services also offer terminal-to-terminal services, and also offer services from and to any terminal around the nation. These also handle fleet loads, for special event needs, corporate accounts and dealerships. Premium services also include nationwide, door-to-door, fast pickup and shipping of inoperable vehicles across the country. Fast pick-up is for customers with needs for urgent services and restrictions regarding time frames.

Check whether order-tracking capabilities are there

With a good countrywide car transport service, you can always track the location of your car at any time. These also offer an online system. These also offer real car shipping experts. You may get in touch with the company through email, telephone number or toll free fax no. These have shipping experts you can discuss your specific needs with.

Additional Costs

A few auto transport agencies seem to offer extremely affordable transportation service. However, there can be lots of hidden charges that might not be stated upfront. Ensure that you check the total shipping costs upfront with the company prior to signing the letter of agreement. Instances of hidden costs are generally car insurance, fuel surcharges and additional costs of shipping to your home. Before you go for a company, find out about its charges.

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