4 Types of Auto Transport Services You Can Get


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Auto transport companies move your car from one spot to the other, with the aid of auto carriers. These agencies handle the difficult task of moving different types of vehicles, such as cars. The move can be between states as well as from one state to another. Find out about the 4 kinds of transportation services offered by auto transport agencies to transfer your vehicles to the destination of your choice.

Open-type Auto Transport

This is a form of transportation that obviously means ‘Open to the Elements’. It is a typical transport and most transportation agencies use it. It can be more convenient to find it. It can transport as many as 10 vehicles simultaneously and also has many car haulers. In a few cases, however, it is unsafe because of a few weather disturbances. Often, however, this does not happen a lot and most vehicles that are transferred to the desired destination come without suffering a scratch.

Close-type Auto Transport

As the name indicates, it is closed from every element. These are safer in comparison, and make sure that your vehicle appears safe from unanticipated disturbances in weather. This is a top reason why this kind of transportation is more expensive than open-type transporting. With close-type transport, you may transport just two or three cars at one time. This helps protect every car from elements. In case you have a luxury vehicle and wish to transport the same, you can opt for this type of transportation.

Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport

This kind of transport just indicates the transfer of a vehicle on a specific day, at a specific time. It is highly beneficial, particularly for those who wish to have their vehicles on a particular time and date. If you need vehicle transportation at a specific time, possibly for an event, you would do well to hire a car moving agency that offers terminal-to-terminal auto transport services. Keep in mind that after the delivery, your car will become your responsibility.

Door to Door Auto Transport

With such a transportation service, movers can deliver vehicles straight into customers’ homes. This helps save energy and time on the part of customers. It is much more beneficial than other types of transportation, given that it is affordable as well as convenient. Almost all transport agencies, during such periods, avail door-to-door delivery services given that it is in high demand in international as well as national industries.

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