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LugNow Auto Transport proposes a complete range of services which combine all types of car and other vehicle transport. We have vehicles adapted to the transport of the automotive sector.

Since the beginning of LugNow Auto Transport, we have remained faithful to a company philosophy based on the quality of service and personalized attention to our customers, being able to satisfy any need for road transport and always getting prices adjusted to the quality offered.

We have a human team with extensive experience in the road transport sector, an appropriate technology for each service, a high capacity for flexibility with all available means of transport and a modern and meticulously studied fleet to adapt as much as possible to the needs of the service of each client.

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LugNow Auto Transport has focused its services on quality, technological innovation, and personalized attention, guaranteeing reliability, security and punctual delivery of the transported goods.

The scope of action:

LugNow Auto Transport service is based in Winchester, US. We provide road transport services both inter-cities and interstates, only within the US. We adapt to the need to solve the transport services of our customers anywhere.

One of the leaders in Auto Transport:

In LugNow Auto Transport, we have a transport fleet which allows us to schedule daily all the needs of our clients, with the necessary means to satisfy any type of service that is required of us.

Specialized Transportation Service:

In recent years in our transport company, we have specialized in the provision of specific transport services within the automotive sector, auxiliary material, and components, as well as the distribution of industrial parcel, large surfaces and goods under controlled temperature.

LugNow Auto Transport Service:

At LugNow Auto Transport, we have different types of vehicles such as open carrier, enclosed carrier so that any types of car and vehicles can be shipped safely and securely. To perfectly fulfill our objective, we also have a large fleet of vehicles, both own as autonomous in exclusive dedication, with the most modern information technology. Our trucks are equipped with GPS communication system and fleet management, ensuring at all times an optimal traceability of all services. All our vehicles are equipped with the necessary devices for community transit, enabling the realization of a service with all guarantees of compliance depending on the needs of our customers.

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